SCSO establishes Cold Case Investigation Division

Feb 6, 2021

The Cold Case Investigations is a new division to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office that is staffed with one Investigator and is responsible for all cold case investigations. Sheriff Kevin W. Windham emphasizes the great importance of solving these cases which goes to the reason he established this new division.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Division is committed to the pursuit of justice, not just for the victims, but also for the victim’s families who are left behind. Despite the passing of many years, the victims and their untimely deaths have not been forgotten, nor will the families who are left behind looking for answers and the much-needed closure. There is no statute of limitations for homicide in the State of Texas. The motto of the Cold Case Division is: “The pursuit of justice continues.”

A link to the “Cold Case Investigations” can now be accessed from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office website located at Please note that we are in the process of adding the numerous cold cases of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to the website with information available for release and they will be updated periodically with the latest information. Please check back as these cases are uploaded.

Also, a “Submit a Tip” box is available with each case so anyone who may have information can easily submit a tip confidentially.  

If you have information that you would like to discuss, you are encouraged to contact SCSO Cold Case Investigator DJ Dickerson at (936) 572-0255 or via email at

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