Chaplaincy branch added to SCSO

May 11, 2021

Sheriff Kevin W. Windham has added the Shelby County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Services (SCLECS) branch to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. The SCLECS branch provides spiritual and emotional support to the department’s staff and their families. The chaplains in the department are seminary trained individuals whose life mission is to serve and help others.

The SCLECS is readily available to provide spiritual and emotional support to all personnel without regard for religious preference (including those without a religious preference). The SCLECS is a ministry of presence, supplying a source of strength to law enforcement officers and their families, department personnel, and members of the community.

The SCLECS is the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and community religious leaders, ministries and other agencies as needed. The chaplains are not intended to replace an individuals’ own clergy, their role is primarily to offer emotional and spiritual support to those in need.

The SCLECS is staffed by chaplains Adrian Wallace and Don Moore. Chaplain Wallace has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministry from Southwestern Baptist University, and a Master of Divinity with biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as an Administrative and Supervisory Chaplain with the Department of Justice and has served as pastors of churches in Missouri and Texas for over 25 years.

Chaplain Moore has earned a Bachelor of Theology from Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary, and a Master of Theology from Cumberland Baptist Institute. He has served as pastor of churches in Kentucky and Texas for 25 years.

The goals and Mission of the SCLECS branch is to:

  1. Provide expertise in counseling on issues unique to law enforcement personnel
  2. Specialize in trauma and crisis intervention
  3. Conduct crisis counseling in the field
  4. Are available for emergency notification whenever called upon
  5. Demonstrate excellence in delivering care and comfort to both law enforcement and the community
  6. Provide care and compassion for persons impacted by crisis and traumatic incidents

The SCLECS also assist in:

  • Line of duty death or significant injury
  • Hospital visitations for active and retired members of law enforcement
  • Death notifications
  • Debriefing of critical incidents

Pictured left to right: Chaplain Don Moore, Sheriff Kevin W. Windham and Chaplain Adrian Wallace

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